(water bubbling up out of ditch or running into street)

Call the office at (785) 286-1729. We have a 24-hour answering service available to take all your water emergency calls. Our on call personnel will be paged to return your call.

1. Check all the faucets in your house, including your outside hydrant. Objects can sometimes get clogged inside your service lines, temporarily disrupting service to a specific faucet. For example, you have no water in your kitchen, but have normal pressure and volume in your bathroom, you should call a plumber for this repair.

2. If you experience a sudden loss of pressure and volume in all the faucets of your home, call the office at (785) 286-1729. The pressure decrease could be caused by a break in the water main or a break in one of your service lines. Pursuant to the By-Laws of this District, the line from the meter to the house is the homeowner's responsibility.


Please call the office at (785) 286-1729 to report any suspicious activity that you witness. This includes activity near the water mains, water treatment plant, or a fire hydrant.